Humans and environment are the most significant resources for automotive industry. For this reason, we continuously work to improve our working conditions and to develop our environmental performance. Automotive industry has a multi-layer supply chain. We regularly encourage and check whether all our suppliers follow the same principles for their working conditions as those followed for our own working conditions.

Our business ethics rules mainly consist of the following:

  1. Work Ethics

  2. Working Conditions

  3. Environmental Responsibility

Detailed descriptions of the above items are provided below:

  1. Work Ethics: Cavo Otomotiv operates in compliance with national and international regulations. Fundamental rules taken into account for our operating activities include (but not limited to) the following:

  • not to become a party to any illegal activity including but not limited to fraud and bribery,

  • to avoid business practices contrary to fair competition,

  • to protect intellectual property rights,

  • to show respect to the corporation and personal information, and manage such personal information in accordance with data confidentiality rules as per applicable regulations,

  • to perform necessary controls related to exports,

  • to develop precautions and procedures strictly prohibiting illegal activities,

  • to keep records related to financial transactions in a transparent and accurate manner, and

  • to continuously train our employees within this scope.

  1. Working Conditions:

  • Our corporation does not allow child employment and the employment age is in compliance with local laws.

  • No human labor is used either by means of forced labor or slavery.

  • The employees may contact the management about their working conditions without any fear of harassment, intimidation, or retaliation.

  • The employees have the freedom to gather freely, to participate in a union, to choose their own representatives, and to participate in labor councils as permitted under applicable local laws.

  • Any forms of harassment and/or discrimination against the employees are not tolerated. There is no discrimination against the employee for his or her gender, race, language, skin color, disability, union membership, political views, ethnicity, pregnancy, and/or sexual orientation.

  • Our employees are provided with a safe and healthy workplace environment meeting the applicable standards for occupational health and safety.

  • Remuneration and fringe benefits as well as minimum wages, overtime pay, and other mandatory statutory rights are determined in compliance with applicable laws.

  • Working hours comply with the relevant regulations in local laws.

  1. Environmental Responsibility: Having an additional ISO 14000 Environmental Management System, our corporation has always fulfilled the requirements of this standard since 2006. Within this framework, the following practices, including without limitation, are performed: fulfillment of legal obligations, reducing power consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, making more use of renewable energy sources, proper performance of waste management, regular performance of environmental measurements, providing periodical and continuous training for employees as well as suppliers.